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Challengers and Watchers

Maryland law permits properly designated individuals to serve as challengers and watchers during early voting and on election day. Being a challenger or watcher gives the individual access to a specified early voting center or polling place to observe voting activities.

If you are interested in either designating individuals to serve as challengers or watchers or would like to serve as one, please read the Instructions and Information for Challengers, Watchers, and Other Election Observers (PDF). This manual provides information on who can designate challengers and watchers, the rights of challengers and watchers, and other election observation opportunities. You are also encouraged to review summaries of the tasks performed during opening and closing of voting locations.

If you or your entity wishes to designate challengers or watchers, you or your entity must provide a certificate to each individual serving in this capacity. After reviewing the manual, use the Challenger and Watcher Certificate (PDF) to designate the individuals.