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Official 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election Results for House of Delegates

Last updated: 08/24/2022 04:50:11 PM
NR: not reported
Winner Selected: Denotes Winner of the Election

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House of Delegates

District 46

Democratic Candidates - Vote for up to 3

(55 of 55 election day precincts reported)
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Jurisdiction Vince Andrews
Sean D. Burns
Augusta Yeager Christensen
Luke Clippinger
Democratic Winner Selected
Mark Edelson
Democratic Winner Selected
Robbyn Lewis
Democratic Winner Selected
Baltimore City5,6923,2202,9547,5606,5508,449
Totals5,692 (16.53%)3,220 (9.35%)2,954 (8.58%)7,560 (21.96%)6,550 (19.03%)8,449 (24.54%)