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Election Day Pages

What is an Election Day Page?

An Election Day Page is a student volunteer that assists election judges and voters at the polls on election day.  Pages will serve under the direct supervision of supervisory election judges called chief judges.  The Election Day Page program was developed to encourage student involvement and understanding of the democratic process through the participation in elections.

All Election Day Pages must attend a mandatory training session before election day. They are required to work at least one 4-hour shift on election day.

On election day, Pages are prohibited from engaging in any partisan activity, touching ballots or voting equipment and using electronic devices inside the polling room. 

Why should YOU be an Election Day Page? You will:

  • Receive community service credit
  • Help voters
  • Be INVOLVED in the election process
  • LEARN more about what it takes to DELIVER DEMOCRACY

Who can be an Election Day Page?

Under Maryland law, you can serve as an Election Day Page if you are:

  • 14 years old or older by election day*;
  • Able to speak, read, and write the English language;
  • Available to work at least one full 4-hour shift on election day;
  • Able to successfully complete the required training:
  • Able to take and subscribe to a written oath;
  • Enrolled in a public, private, independent, or religious school or be home-schooled; and
  • Applying to the local election office in the individual's county of residence.


*If you are 16 years old and would like to participate, you should apply to serve as a student election judge in accordance with Election Law Article, § 10-202, Annotated Code of Maryland. Return to the previous page and select Return to the previous page and apply to be an Election Judge..

Term: Election Pages are selected to serve for each election cycle. Therefore, each student accepting an assignment as a Page should be available for both the primary and general election to be held in a given election year.

How can I be an Election Day Page?     

To become an Election Day Page, you can apply using our online form or you can contact your County Board of Elections.